7 Tips For New Bloggers To Grow Your Followers On Pinterest Easily

If you’re a blogger who’s hustling to grow your followers, I’d love for you to meet Kris. She’s an experienced blogger who’s had some great blog traffic success, and she’s got some awesome tips to help you grow your followers on Pinterest.

Hey, I’m Kris and blog over at happyskinny.me and I know you guys are particularly interested in how to grow your followers and reach on Pinterest, so I thought I’d share a few tips with you how I managed to grow my following, which strategies no longer work and which you should pay attention to instead.

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Before I dive in, I just want to say that I’m thrilled to share my story because…

…back in 2016 I had a blog and was helping female entrepreneurs and bloggers stand out on Instagram. But I was more or less an accidental blogger and didn’t expect it to be successful or make money.

Everything changed when I had a pin go viral on Pinterest

But that all pretty quickly changed when one of my pins went viral and brought in 350K+ monthly views.

From there my email list grew about 17-25 new subscribers every day! People were lining up for my free Insta challenge and on the back of that demand, I sold an ebook and a course.

BUT I never had a plan to monetise my blog as I was still working full time in advertising agencies. And I was too shy to promote the products that I had spent weeks and weeks building (does that sound familiar to you?).

Although I did make sales, signed up my first $3K coaching client and made income from my blog, I stopped blogging.

But without a doubt, Pinterest was responsible for my rapid growth.

In November 2020 I started my new blog. As a mom-to-be, I want to be able to work from home, with the baby.

Growing my Pinterest reach was first on my list. BUT most of the old strategies that help me grow my followers back then no longer worked.

So, if you’re just starting out blogging or a feeling like you’re not getting enough traction then just know, that it might not be your fault.

Why the old strategies to grow your followers are DEAD

Although I am not entirely new to blogging I did find myself back at square one and are starting out fresh, just like you. But I have discovered new strategies that work (maybe even better). And in this post, I want to share them with you.

Pinterest strategies are constantly changing

Pinterest’s algorithm keeps changing, which means your strategies to grow your followers need to change too. It’s important that you keep up with what currently works and stop focusing on outdated practices.

But before I share them with you I thought I’d quickly recap my stats with you so that you can see the journey I went on and to show you that you can grow your followers, following and reach no matter where you’re at.

My unique monthly views on Pinterest

2016/17: 0 – 350K+ (I went from 0 to 350K+ after I had one pin go viral)

2018/19: 134K+ ( I stopped blogging and didn’t touch Pinterest for over 2 years. To my amazement my traffic remained consistent)

2020: 2.4K (I picked up blogging again Nov. 2020. After I changed my niche and my view count instantly dropped. Ouch.)

2021: 20.6K (within less than 6 weeks I rebuild my monthly views from 2.4K to 20.7K and it keeps growing)

What strategies work to grow your followers in 2021

What has helped me massively to rebuild my following and reach that quickly is Tailwind.

Tailwind is the #1 Pinterest & Instagram scheduler and analytics tool that allows you to bulk schedule pins to Pinterest for days, weeks, and even months in advance. You’ll save A LOT of time scheduling to Pinterest automatically.

  • Since joining Tailwind 28 days ago I’ve managed to rebuild my reach from 2.4K to 20.6K
  • Within one month of using Tailwind, I’ve gained over 100 new followers and that number keeps growing
  • I got my pins in front of over 150K Pinterest accounts

That’s why in today’s post I want to focus specifically on how I use Tailwind and which features specifically within Tailwind I’m using to help you grow your followers.

Are you ready to dive in?

Get started with Tailwind for free to grow your followers

If you’re not already a member, you can get started with Tailwind 1 month totally for free and get your first 100 pins scheduled (this is how I got started).

Although followers are not the most important metrics that matter, I call them vanity metrics, they do help to build credibility as a new blogger. And this will encourage more people to click through to your content.

The tactics I’ll share below help you to grow your followers. But I know you’re looking for a fast way I can hands down say that I the fastest way to grow your followers and reach on Pinterest is with Tailwind Communities.

What are Tailwind Communities?

Tailwind Communities is a tool within Tailwind that enables you to connect and grow with other Pinterest creators just like you!

Basically, Tailwind communities help you grow your followers and reach faster.

And boy do they help you grow faster!

With the free Tailwind trial you can also join up to 5 communities for free.

Why do you need Tailwind Communities?

Tailwind Communities have, pretty much, replaced group boards on Pinterest. So if you’ve been wondering why your growth has been slow, despite your efforts spending time in group boards it’s simply because they now no longer work.

After the latest change to the algorithm, Pinterest no longer favours group boards. But that’s ok because the truth is there’s a much simpler way these days to grow your following and your reach on Pinterest. Let’s dive in.

1. Pin your pin to a “test board” first

Before you get started with Tailwind, you ALWAYS want to upload your “naked pin” to a secret test board first to see if Pinterest is able to “read” your pin. By naked I mean just upload your pin. No pin title, no pin description, no Alt text, no destination URL.

You want Pinterest to understand what your pin is all about just by looking at the pin.

If Pinterest doesn’t understand your pin, keep experimenting with your design until Pinterest shows you “more pins” like this which are all related to your niche and topic.

2. Pin your pin to your most relevant board MANUALLY

Once Pinterest understands what your pin is about, pin it to the board that is the most relevant for this pin, manually.

After that, you can add it to your scheduler and let Tailwind automatically re-share that pin at the best times (get started now and get 1 month for free with this link).

3. Join Tailwind Communities

Tailwind communities help you build rapport with your audience much faster than group boards.

There are over 20,000 Tailwind Communities to choose from. So you’ll definitely find the ones that suit you the most.

And with this free trial you can choose up to 5 communities you want to be part of as part of.

Look for communities that are active and preview their content to make sure that the pins shared in this community are aligned with what you do.

4. Add your pins to the Communities

This might surprise you but you don’t want to share the same pins to all your different communities for two reasons:

Reason 1 is that, even on a paid plan, the number of pins you can add to communities is limited (unless you opt for an unlimited plan). Meaning you have to be resourceful with which pins you share.

But reason 2 is that most community members are members of the same communities. That means that when they see your pin for the first time they’ll hopefully re-share it. But that means that they are unlikely to reshare the same pin of yours if they come across it again in a different community.

Do you see what I’m getting at?

Rather keep your pins fresh and focus on building connections with a few influential bloggers. In the next tip, I’ll show you exactly how to do that.

5. Re-share the top pinners pins

Once you’ve signed up to a free trial, Tailwind will send you weekly newsletters. They are some of the BEST newsletters you’ll ever receive, I find.

Because they are loaded with data-driven insights about your audience and how you can use that data to grow your followers and reach. You really want to look at them.


Before you re-share any pins of your community members, make sure you have pinned 1-2 (max 3!) of your best-performing pins to this community first. Because chances are, if you share their pins, they’ll check out your pin submissions and share your pins in return. This has happened to me a few times and landed me over 100K views after one re-share!

6. Say thank you

Tailwind makes it super easy to say thank you to anyone re-sharing your content. You’ll see a notification inside your dashboard as well as your newsletter stats of who shared your pins.

Make use of that feature. It’s your secret weapon. Because when you say thank you to that person you’re not only showing your appreciation but the chances are high that this person is going to re-share some of your new content too.

Again, make sure you follow tip 5 and have pinned some of your best pins before you say thank you. You want to have your best content up, so that your pins are ready to be re-shared.

7. Use the in built chat function to grow your followers

The benefit of Tailwind Communities is that inside each community, you can chat with people directly. In my opinion, this is way better to engage and connect and potentially grow your audience, than group boards.

That’s how I was able to gain over 100 new followers since joining Tailwind communities in less than 1 month!

The chat function is great to offer advice to fellow community members and position yourself as an expert.

Follow accounts that are related to your niche

Some community members will ask you to follow their accounts but I personally don’t participate in ‘follow for follow’ tactics unless that account is relevant for my niche. I know Elizabeth from Earning SAHM shares the same views on this so I suggest you double-check carefully who you follow first.

Summary: How to grow your followers with Tailwind

To sum it up: First, you need to join Tailwind for free, then find a few good communities to join, then share 1-2 of your fresh pins to the communities and then network with your communities members.

Focus on helping, not how to grow your followers

Finally, I want to say that I never focus on follower growth but interacting with people. When you focus on genuinely taking the time to let people know you like their blog or their work and seem interested in them.

I hope you’ve enjoyed those tips. If you’d like to find out more about Tailwind and if it’s really worth investing than you can check out this post here.

About Kris

Kristin Brause is the owner of HappySkinny.me, a blog that started out about weight loss tips and is now helping female bloggers start and grow their blogs.

For over 10 years Kris has worked in some of London’s top advertising agencies for some of the biggest brands. She has also worked as a coach for Instagram, a business coach for women and consultant for e-commerce brands before becoming a blogger.

Kris loves helping other build a strong brand online and providing evergreen marketing tips she has seen work for hundreds of online brands and bloggers.

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