7 Deadly Blogging Tips That Will Destroy Everything

If you’re starting a blog or already have one but want to see it improve, there’s no question you’re researching all the blogging tips in the world. That’s a great place to start. HOWEVER–beware of some blogging tips that will kill all your hard work. Let’s talk about 7 Deadly Blogging Tips That Will Destroy Everything.

7 Deadly Blogging Tips That Will Destroy Everything

While a log of blogging tips are constructive and offer at least some helpful tidbits you can apply to your own blog-building process, not everything that glitters is gold.

That means that some blogging tips are not the greatest. Let’s talk about 7 of the worst ones that are out there–and I’m willing to bet you’ve followed at least one of these, thinking it was a good idea.

I know I did.

And it backfired.

These blogging tips are deadly because they sound good and are advertised with a stunning Pinterest pin. But they are totally discouraging and can kill all your motivation to move forward.

7 Blogging Tips That You SHOULD NOT Follow

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7 Deadly Blogging Tips That Will Destroy Everything

1: Speed Writing Content Is One of the 7 Deadly Blogging Tips That Will Destroy Everything

I’ve seen these posts advertised all over Pinterest. This one made me suspicious from the start. Writing is my thing, so I wasn’t as keen to believe this tip, but I eventually clicked on some posts to read the advice.

I was stunned.

There are blog posts that claim to help you learn how to “speed write” a blog post.

This is a deadly blogging tip. Writing a blog post takes time, effort and planning.

Note: Speed writing is not the same as batching content. Speed writing is when you use techniques to “write posts in 30 minutes” or something of that nature.

In order to have a successful post that goes anywhere at all, you must do a bit of preliminary work, like keyword research, blog structure and content planning, and a thorough outline.

That’s before you ever start writing your actual blog post.

So, tell me, how in the world is it possible to speed write a quality post that will build your blog’s credibility and encourage increased blog traffic?

Speed writing is one of the 7 deadly blogging tips that will destroy everything. The truth is that you need to carefully plan your content, strategically place keywords and phrases, and write high-quality posts.

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2: Quality Content Doesn’t Matter

I’ve heard it a lot.

SEO, marketing and social media presence matter more than the actual quality of your blog posts.

While quality doesn’t cancel the need for SEO and marketing, a lack of quality will cause your SEO and marketing to backfire.

If your blog’s bounce rate is sky high because people are being driven to your blog with killer marketing strategies but hate your content, your blog is doomed.

Pinterest and Google will figure it out, and you’ll lose ranking.

Focus on quality FIRST, and then apply the best SEO and marketing strategies so your growing audience enjoys what you write and doesn’t bouce.

3: Grow Your Blog Into A Huge Business In A Short Time

This is one of the 7 deadly blogging tips that will destroy everything because it’s one of the most discouraging things to read–ever!

How many times have you seen a pin titled “How I Grew My Blog Into A 6-Figure Business in Less Than A Year”, or something similar?

Talk about a kick to the gut.

The reality is that most blogs take a good, long while to really get going. I’m not saying it’s impossible to earn 6 figures in a matter of months, but is that blogger really telling the whole story?

Chances are that after a little digging, you’ll find that that wasn’t their first blog. It was probably a second, third or maybe even fourth blog. It might have even been an existing blog they purchased from someone else.

Others may have invested thousands into hiring staff that helped market and optimize their blog for them.

Most of the rest of us are building our blogs from scratch with the extra few bucks we have left over after we’ve paid the bills.

Don’t get discouraged, friend. Building a blog takes time–a lot of time. It’s the same as building a business, and it’s normal to expect it to take a few years–maybe even several years–to really fly.

Keep climbing. You’re on the right track.

4: Passion Is Everything

Passion is important. But it’s not everything.

Building a blog is no different than building a business. You can’t build a business on passion alone.

It takes good decisions, planning, structure, time, tears, heaps of frustration, and the grit of a bulldog to build something from nothing.

In order to get your blog really going, you need:

  • A blog outline and goals
  • Blog structure
  • Investment of time and money into the right things
  • Careful planning
  • Good blog setup (with Siteground)
  • Strong content
  • Marketing and SEO
  • Strong work ethic
  • Enough backbone to fail and learn to dust off and keep going
  • The ability to forget how to quit
7 Deadly Blogging Tips That Will Destroy Everything

5: Niche Doesn’t Matter

Yes it does.

This is probably the most annoying of the 7 deadly blogging tips that will destroy everything.

You cannot simply dream up some random blog topic and start writing.

While any blog can become established and gain traffic, certain niches simply perform better:

  • Food
  • Finance
  • Health and Fitness
  • Lifestyle (ie mom blogs or travel blogs)
  • Fashion

These are some of the most successful niches. It’s easier to get somewhere when you choose a high-performing niche.

If you have a passion for something less popular, that’s great! Just start your blog with the understanding that it might take more work and effort to see results.

Be prepared to adapt your strategy accordingly. If you have an unconventional niche, come up with some unconventional and creative ways to market to the right audience.

6: Fake Everybody Out & Look Experienced

Okay. You can’t do this.

First of all, anyone with any sort of knowledge can research your blog and find out just how experienced you are.

The idea that you can somehow hide where you are in your journey as a blogger is not only false, it’s a good way to lose your readers’ trust.

When it comes to blogging, or anything, really, transparency is everything. Not only is it honest and relatable, it’s incredibly appealing to readers.

People feel like they can connect with you when you just come clean about where you are and that they can trust you.

If you started your blog 3 months ago, it’s probably not a good idea to create and sell a blogging course yet.

You’ll get there, and you’ll get there a lot faster if you’re open and approachable about your journey.

Doesn’t that take off so much pressure!? Blogging can suddenly become fun again!

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7: Make Thousands In 6 Months

Read this and be encouraged.

For 99% of us, this simply doesn’t happen. We are all in the same boat, stumbling and bumbling about while we discover and learn how to become better bloggers and gain traction.

Achieving a successful, money making blog doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a weird, maze-like journey of sorting out the dead ends from the paths that take us further in a world of ever-changing algorithms, strategy and advancing technology.

The potential is endless, but it’s still a lot of work and it simply takes time.

So stop being so hard on yourself.

Keep On Blogging

Now that you know 7 deadly blogging tips that will destroy everything, I hope you’ve gained confidence and encouragement to keep going.

Chances are you’re right where you need to be, and if you just keep going, you’ll start seeing some serious results.

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10 Things to Cut Out To Massively Save Money

Looking for a way to free up some serious room in the budget? Hey, I get you! We’re living in strange times right now, and it’s not a bad idea to find ways to live frugally. Or, maybe circumstances have changed and things just aren’t the way they used to be. If that’s the case, then you can certainly benefit from these 10 things to cut out to massively save money.

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10 Things to cut to massively save money

Thinking of starting a side hustle or business? Find out what you need to know BEFORE starting a business.

10 Things to Cut Out To Massively Save Money

There are always a lot of little things you can do every month to save money (read about 5 ways you can save over $500 a month), but for now we’re going to focus on 10 big things to cut out to massively save money.

If you’re in a pinch, or need to free up some cash fast, some of these will work for you immediately.

Some of these other tips, however, will take careful planning before you take off.

However, once you do, you’ll wind up saving hundreds–even thousands–of dollars.

1: Credit Cards

Okay, in full disclosure, I’m going to be honest here and say that I despise credit cards.

For 95% of us it’s nothing but a money trap.

Seriously, who wants to buy money? When you use a credit card, that’s essentially what you’re doing. The “price” for the cash that you’re getting upfront has been renamed “interest”.

And it’s not for your benefit.

Sometimes, in a bind, credit is the only way you can take care of an emergency.

But you should know that credit card companies did not develop their business with your benefit in mind. They developed their business to make money.

Off of you.

The average person has over $6000 in credit card debt hanging over their head, and the average interest rate, or “price” of money, is between 14.87% and 16.88% (source).

So, no, credit cards are not your friend.

Pay those puppies off, and then start saving up a cash reserve that builds interest–not charges interest.

2: Fancy Cars

It’s a symbol and it makes a statement. But that gorgeous, eye-catching, brand new car will depreciate in value faster than almost any other asset you own.

Read more about vehicles’ depreciating value.

In fact, by the time you’re ready to sell it, you’ll lose close to 40% of the vehicle’s value, maybe even more.

What if that were your home’s value? You’d be devastated.

Even though we’re talking about a much smaller dollar amount than a home, does the concept of value and stewardship really change?

Guess what? Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, drives a Honda Accord! (source) Yep, you read that correctly. Mark Zuckerberg? A Honda Fit! (source)

Yours truly? An old Honda Odyssey (just thought I’d throw that in there since it seems all the cool people drive Hondas and it made me feel pretty good about my mom van).

My husband and I calculated how much interest we paid on our cars, one of which we purchased brand new, and we just couldn’t justify it in our minds.

Especially considering the amount of money we lost over just a few years’ time.

Aside from that, we live in Southern California, where heavy traffic is a way of life. Dings, scratches and scuffs just happen. There’s no getting around it. Why have something that will get scratched and make us cringe every time it happens?

So, we sold our “new” cars and paid cash for an older vehicle. And we’ve never been happier.

Honestly? Getting out from another monthly payment lowers so much stress.

While this tip may not be so popular, it’s honestly probably one of the most effective ways to save thousands of dollars.

3: Delivery Services

It’s super convenient, but you’re certainly going to pay for that convenience–and quite a bit extra, too.

Services like Door Dash and Postmates that deliver food to your door can be helpful, but the cost of the food is actually higher.

And then there are delivery fees, service fees, and tip.

An order to Chick-Fil-A for my husband and I quickly jumped from around $18 to nearly $30–for the same food!

I couldn’t justify it. So, I got in my car, drove to the drive-through, and ordered our meal myself.

Using the “I’m saving gas,” line doesn’t work. Unless you’re driving quite a distance away for your food, you’re not going to spend $12 of gas picking it up.

4: Expensive Furniture

Another one of 10 monthly things to cut out to massively save money is expensive furniture in your home.

Yes, it’s beautiful and impressive, but unless you’re doing quite well for yourself, you’ve probably financed it.

Now you’re making monthly payments that you have to worry about and then you’re paying interest, even if you get the first 6 months or year interest-free.

It’s nice to have pretty things, but when push comes to shove, the money speaks a little more loudly.

Instead of financing expensive furniture, shop around for bargains. You can find pretty things on a budget, too!

Sites like Wayfair, OfferUp, Amazon, Overstock, and many more sell beautiful pieces at much more affordable prices.

Pro Tip: Do a little research. Many name-brand furniture stores have outlets and the furniture is discounted (like, a lot). Many also have back rooms where the “less than perfect” furniture is sold at a highly discounted price. These pieces might have a tiny little flaw that you can’t even see, and the price is much lower. Just ask!

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5: Luxury Taste

You’re shopping and you reach for a gorgeous garment that captures your eye.

The tag reads $$$ instead of $$.

I get it. You have beautiful taste. And it’s fun to wear clothes and buy things that have particular brands and lifestyles associated with them.

But honestly, it’s not necessary.

If you’re trying to save money in your budget, it might be time to find some brands that are nice quality but more affordable.

You can also sell your luxury or designer brands on sites like Poshmark or Modcloth and get some of your hard-earned money back.

10 Things to Cut To Massively Save Money

6: Trips

It’s hard to stay home when you’re used to going out and about, but another, very fast way to save money is to stay home.

Postponing a vacation or getaway is hard to do, but there are some other, fun alternatives.

You can have a “staycation,” for instance, where you vacation at home.

You can plan all sorts of fun things in advance. Some ideas of this would be:

  • Plan a family camp-out in the backyard (or even the living room!)
  • Get some new board games or family games to play
  • Plan relays and games to play around the house (scavenger hunt, relay race, etc.)
  • Try a fun art project as a family
  • Make some small, homemade gifts for neighbors or family and friends to spread some love

7: Habits

This one is general on purpose. When you saw the word “habits,” a particular habit of yours probably jumped into your mind.

We all have those things that we do frequently, weekly, maybe even daily, that cost money.

It’s not so much that the habit itself is expensive in that one instance, but the frequency is what makes it add up.

If you were to sit down and calculate how much money you’re spending per year on your habit, you’d probably be quite shocked.

8: Toys and Gadgets

This one is big. Nothing adds up faster than buying “stuff” for the kids.

Naturally, as parents, we want the best for our littles. We want to give them the newest and the best of things.

But that gets expensive–quickly.

And let’s think about this for a second. Is giving our kids the best of everything, all the time, sending them a message we really want them to receive?

What is it really teaching them?

That’s up to you and your family, but on the money side of things, it doesn’t need to get so pricey.

Based on my experiences with my own kids, I’ve learning that what my kids want more than anything is my time.

My toddler has more fun playing with a plastic bin full of water and a wooden spoon with me than with his fancy trucks and trains by himself.

That sure taught me something!

9: Subscriptions

These are sneaky little things that look harmless but add up faster than anything.

One subscription… okay, seems harmless.

Now, go back and look at all your “harmless subscriptions” and add them up.

Yeah… sneaky little brutes.

Try and cut out mos–if not all– of your subscriptions, saving only a couple of the ones you know you rely on the most if you must.

You can research ways to replace your subscriptions with services that you can buy what you need as it’s needed.

Some examples of frivolous subscriptions are:

  • Razors and other basic self-care items
  • Reading materials
  • Electronic subscriptions
  • Apps and games
  • Toys and children’s books
  • Makeup
  • TV
  • Gym Membership

Chances are you aren’t even using enough of the products or services to justify the monthly payment.

10: Food

I’ve mentioned this one before in 5 Ways to Save Over $500 A Month, but it’s so common that it’s worth mentioning again.

According to a small study (source), 70% of people claimed that they threw out expired, uneaten food.


On top of that, the average American eats out over 5 times a week (I’m kinda cringing at this one). (source)

A good way to curb this habit is to give your family a weekly “eating out” budget. Eating out is not high priority, so it should be a smaller allowance to free up cash for other, more important things.

When the money is gone, it’s gone. Period.

You can avoid throwing out expired food by planning meals in advance, creating shopping lists and sticking to a plan.

Plump Up Your Cash Supply

So, now that you know 10 things to cut out to massively save money, you can start making some changes.

Start small, and then gradually adjust your spending habits as you go. Don’t make yourself miserable by trying to take everything on at once.

Saving money is a marathon. It takes building a stamina of good habits and discipline.

Be kind to yourself. Allow yourself the grace to learn as you go.

Nothing feels better than knowing you’re being a good steward of what you have, learning to save, and building wealth.

Happy saving!

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