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Successful blogging tips to help you FINALLY get that blog making money, and to totally change your life!

Successful Blogging Tips Earning SAHM

Hey there, blogger! Congratulations on starting your path to pursue your dreams! And thanks for letting me help by sharing some crucial tips on successful blogging with you.

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Successful Blogging Tips

When it comes to successful blogging, it’s so important to have realistic expectations. Here are some things you should be prepared for as a new blogger:

  1. Blogging is a lot more work than it seems
  2. Bringing in an actual income takes longer than you think, so don’t get discouraged
  3. There is NO one-size-fits-all formula when it comes to successful blogging

If you have the right expectations, you’ll have way more direction on where to go from here.

Before you take off on your full blogging journey, you need to check a few things first:

  1. Have you started up your blog correctly?
  2. Are you self-hosted (you can’t monetize without it!)
  3. Do you have content planned to consistently post and stay active?

If you do have all these things squared away, you’re good to go to start creating content and learning and growing. Don’t ever stop learning! There is way more to this thing than most bloggers realize.

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When it comes to successful blogging, there are some things you need to know.

  • Content is everything
  • You must have blog traffic (and you have to keep increasing it)
  • SEO is serious. You need to know it, learn it, and learn more about it

You won’t truly make any sort of income until you start excelling in those three areas. Let’s start with traffic.

Successful Blogging: Traffic

There’s no real way to make money with successful blogging without traffic—lots of it. You need to optimize your blog and posts to rank on Google, but honestly, ranking on Google is going to be a forever long-term goal.

To get traffic right away, I recommend Pinterest. Pinterest is the fastest way to start driving traffic to your blog.

  • Set up a Pinterest business account
  • Create 20 boards (to start) that are related to your niche
  • Create pins for all your content and pin them to relevant boards
  • Pin other people’s pins to relevant boards
  • Follow people and start working to get followers ASAP
  • Download Tailwind (you get 100 scheduled pins for free to try it, but you should sign up)
  • Set up your tailwind publisher to schedule at least 20 pin a day of your content (follow their guide to avoid spamming Pinterest)

You can get massive traffic to your blog from Pinterest without a large following, but it takes more legwork. The larger following you have, the easier it is to get your pins exposed and shared (by far).

My Mama Fearless Pinterest account has many viral pins that bring me consistent traffic. It was much easier to have pins go viral on that account because my following is larger than my TES account, which is much newer.

I reached 1 million monthly views on Pinterest with less than 1000 followers though, which proves that it’s super easy to get a lot of traffic even when you have a smaller following!

Successful Blogging: Content

You may have read where you can just “speed write” your content, throw it out there, and the traffic just comes pouring in to read it.

Don’t fall for it. That’s not how blogging works.

The straight-forward truth is that your content must be thorough, well-written, and SEO (jam-packed) friendly.

Before you ever hit the publish button, you need to:

  • Research your topic (is it in demand?)
  • Research your keywords
  • Create a keyword outline
  • Put 1000% effort into your content
  • Edit, edit, and then edit again

Successful Blogging: SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is its own science. Honestly? The more I learn, the more I feel like I’m barely beginning to scratch the surface of understanding how it works.

The best advice I can give you as a new blogger is to not get too stressed out over SEO or try to take on more than your level of knowledge.

Start simple. Work on the most important part of SEO in your content. Use this guide to optimize your content for Pinterest. It will also make your blog more SEO friendly in general.

Are you new to Pinterest or Tailwind?

Here’s a complete (free) guide to setting up your Pinterest and Tailwind accounts for your blog.

Get more followers and much more blog traffic with this guide!

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