Save Money

Save Money

Tips to Save Money, Budget, Build Your Business and Stay Motivated

Looking for ways to save money and free up your budget to build your business? Or maybe you have another financial goal in mind.

No matter the reason, I’ve got lots of money-saving tips to share.

My Backstory

I became passionate about helping other people save money because I lived the very same thing. My husband and I started our life together on one tiny income (I am not exaggerating by using the word tiny!).

During that time, we made some decisions about our journey, and that was when my husband started his business—totally from scratch.

Every spare penny we could scrape up went back into the business for the first two years. We used every trick we could think of to save and pinch and free up extra cash.

It was a journey of hard work, creativity, failures, repair, small successes, major lessons, and so much more. Within a matter of a few years, we exploded the company into a six-figure business.

We firmly believe we wouldn’t have reached our first big milestone without the discipline we learned while living on one small income.

It developed while we hustled hard to build up a healthy business without getting a business loan.

Entrepreneur Motivation

Not only do I know what it’s like to need to budget as tightly as possible, I understand what it feels like trying to stay motivated and keep moving forward.

One of the biggest giants business owners face is discouragement. When things get rough, or it feels like everything is failing, staying on track and motivated is the hardest thing you can do.

That’s why I’ve combined these budget tips with entrepreneur and small business tips. I believe it works hand in hand in your hustle toward success.