How To Massively Save Money At Dollar Store

How to Massively Save Money At Dollar Store

Who doesn’t love saving money? Who doesn’t love saving a lot of money? Trust me, I’m right there with you! That’s why I’ve constructed this hefty list of over 25 items to show you how to massively save money at Dollar Store.

When my husband started his business, we knew we needed to cut living expenses in a big way. After my son was born and we decided I would stay home with him, we knew we really needed to cut back!

Hey, you can find ways to shave dollars off the budget in more ways than you’d ever know when you really need to. That’s just what we did.

Nowadays, even though the belt isn’t cinched anywhere near as tightly, we still stick to most of the frugal habits we picked up during those interesting years. It became a habit, it saves money, and saving money gets addicting.

Like, really addicting.

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You Are More Creative Than You Think

You’ve got tricks you don’t even know you have. Seriously. When the going gets tough prepare to amaze yourself.

There are so many ways to pinch your pennies! From groceries to personal care to household items, there are tricks out there that can save you some serious cash.

That doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality, either.

There are so many ways to save money, including these tips to save over $500 A Month.

One of the easiest things you can do is swap more expensive items for less expensive ones. There are more items that you buy than you realize where the brand doesn’t really matter.

That’s why I’ve created this list on how to massively save money at Dollar Store.

I’ve constructed a list of 30 Dollar Store items that you can buy and save a lot of cash. I’ll be comparing them to Walmart’s online prices since Walmart has highly competitive pricing.

Get Ready For This Dollar Store List

This list honestly blew me away a little bit. Truth be told, there are other items I could have added as well but due to packaging differences and quantities the comparison would have been off.

A lot of these items are things you use and replace several times a year. Think about what you’re spending every time you replace those items and what you could be saving–it’s substantial.

I also want to add that another great Dollar Store buy are every day drinking glasses.

My husband and I received a couple sets of glasses as wedding presents. All but one have broken from being dropped in the sink or falling over. Having two sons, I simply didn’t want to buy nice glasses only to have them break.

I purchased several from Dollar Store with the idea that if they broke–so what? I could just go replace them.

But guess what? Those suckers don’t break! So hey–even better. It’s my few bucks well spent.

Among these honorable mentions are general items like simple craft supplies (tape, pipe cleaners, other supplies), toys, greeting cards and travel items.

Though they didn’t make it on the list, they’re still money savers in a big way!

Let’s get to it!

5 Side Hustles To Earn Cash Quickly

30 Dollar Store Items to Save Massive Amounts of Money

To be fair, I’m using the lowest-priced items I can find on the Walmart website.

Cleaning Supplies

  • 1. White Vinegar- $1 Walmart- $2.64
  • 2. Peroxide- $1 Walmart- $3.52
  • 3. Rubbing Alcohol- $1 Walmart- $3.76
  • 4. Baking Soda- $1 Walmart- $2.24
  • 5. Cleaning Sponges- $1 Walmart- $1.34
  • 6. Cleaning Cloths- $1 Walmart- $2.41
  • 7. Broom- $1 Walmart- $8.34
  • 8. Toilet Bowl Brush- $1 Walmart- $5.00
  • 9. Cleaning Liquids- $1 Walmart- $4.75
  • 10. Microfiber Car Towels- $1 Walmart- $3.84

Household Items

  • 11. Candles/Deodorizers- $1 Walmart- $3.33
  • 12. Chip Clips (pack)- $1 Walmart- $5.00 (pack)
  • 13. Refrigerator Magnets- $1 Walmart- $4.78
  • 14. Batteries- $1 Walmart- $4.34
  • 15. Small Trash Can- $1 Walmart- $6.28
  • 16. Ice Trays- $1 (pack of 3) Walmart- $2.84 (pack of 1)
  • 17. Small Storage Bins- $1 Walmart- $4.80
  • 18. Disposable Baking Tins- $1 Walmart- $5.99
  • 19. Dish Towels- $1 Walmart- $3.48
  • 20. Mailing Envelopes- $1 Walmart- $5.99
  • 21. Hand Mirror- $1 Walmart- $4.34
  • 22. Stirring Spoons- $1 Walmart- $1.97


  • 23. Notebook- $1 Walmart- $2.26
  • 24. Party Streamers- $1 Walmart- $1.13
  • 25. Tissue Paper- $1 Walmart- $3.98
  • 26. Gift Bags- $1 Walmart- $1.88
  • 27. Decorative Helium Party Balloons- $1 Walmart- $6.32
  • 28. Kids Sticker Books- $1 Walmart- $1.50
  • 29. Coloring Books- $1 Walmart- $3.99
  • 30. Ink Pens- $1 Walmart- $1.87

Dollar Store Total = $30 (plus tax) Walmart Total= $113.91 (plus tax)


I’m not sure what’s more surprising–the price difference or the fact that we spend that much money at Walmart on such basic items!

And, honestly, I used the cheapest items I could find. When we’re at Walmart we don’t always select the lowest price items, do we?

So now that you know, maybe you’ll be able to make some little changes and make your wallet happy!

Happy Saving, Friends!

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Author: Elizabeth

My son, Kai, was born in the summer of 2018. My husband and I made the decision that I would leave my full-time job in healthcare to stay home and raise him. It meant a lot of changes, but we are doing it, day by day. Together we are building a business and I've embarked on a new journey creating Mama Fearless, a site to encourage moms to walk fearlessly while pursuing their goals. We are thankful to be able to forge new paths and to keep earning while still focusing on what's truly important--our family, our home, and serving a loving God.