Entrepreneur Motivation: The Powerful Secret to Success

Entrepreneur Motivation

Entrepreneur motivation is crucial to pressing on to those business goals–especially when the going gets rough.

I’m going to share 5 huge tips that help my husband and I stay motivated through tough times building our business.

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Why Is Entrepreneur Motivation so Important?

Without any sort of motivation, it’s nearly impossible to maintain any sort of commitment for a length of time.

Especially when you aren’t seeing results–and believe me, there are times when you get zero results.

A Successful Business Depends On Entrepreneur Motivation

Whether it’s a blog, a local business, an online store, or any other sort of business, it’s going to take time to build.

A solid, successful business simply does not happen over night. Or in a week… or month… or even a year.

That’s why staying motivated is so important. You are everything about your business, so you’ve got to take care of you, too, and motivation is a major part of that.

But you don’t need me to remind you. That’s why you’re here. So let’s talk about how to stay motivated as an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneur Motivation

1: Remember Why You Ever Started

Why did you decide to start your business in the first place? Was it a passion for a specific thing, or a need you saw in society?

May it was a love for a specific hobby or talent that you just knew could be something great.

What was that one thing that made you think, “I can totally do this?”

It’s time to bring it back.

It’s time to remember what you loved and why you felt this business was the right path to take.

Pull from whatever motivated you from the beginning, remember and relive it 100%. Bring back all the feels.

Renewed passion won’t be far behind.

2: What Are You Striving To Achieve As An Entrepreneur?

It’s important to look back and remember, but it’s just as important to look ahead, too!

What is your purpose for starting your business? Are you striving for financial freedom for your family? More time? How about making a living doing what you love?

Don’t lose sight of the ultimate goal of what you’re working so hard to achieve.

Here are some ideas for visual reminders and motivation:

  1. Print some pictures that represent your top three ultimate goals and create a vision board
  2. Find that one phrase that speaks to you and put it on your coffee mug or your work notebook
  3. Hang a motivational canvas at your work space that represents where you’re going

Keep the destination in plain sight!

3: Watch Your Mentors and Your Successful Peers

Nothing is more motivating than watching someone you look up to talk about what they achieved and how they achieved it.

This is one my husband still does regularly. He follows several professionals in his industry and watching their success seriously motivates him.

Without slipping into comparing and critiquing yourself, or berating yourself for not being where they are, watch what your mentors are doing.

How are they achieving their level of success? They’re likely talking about it, too.

If you want what they’ve got, do what they’ve done to get there. Follow their techniques, and then fine tune them to your own journey.

It works!

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4: Remember All Your Successes So Far

As you are working and building, it’s easy for discouragement to settle in after awhile–especially if you hit a plateau and aren’t seeing results.

Those are the times when it’s so important to remember all the small successes and the goals you’ve achieved up to this point.

We start feeling like failures and then all of a sudden it’s so easy to forget everything we’ve actually done well since we started.

There were times when my husband would feel like the business just wasn’t going anywhere. I understood him–I felt the same way!

That was when we went back and looked at the numbers. We took a long look at how far we’d come and what we’d actually achieved.

We’d also read the kind feedback Adam had received, which really helped us remember that things were going right.

Just because things are slow moving doesn’t mean it’s not working.

5: Forget How to Quit

As long as giving up is one of your options, you’ll always have a chain attached from the place you started to you.

The idea that you can just quit when things get rough will recondition your perspective and damage the resolve that is crucial for success.

A successful business takes the “do or die” mentality.

The biggest test is when things get hard–like, really hard–and what you decide to do.

Every time you decide to press on despite your challenges, you’re building more endurance.

Creating a successful business from the ground up takes a special kind of grit–the kind of grit that holds fast in the middle of hardships.

Entrepreneur Motivation

Entrepreneur Motivation Tips:

You know how important it is to remain motivated.

Now what? What can you actually do to stay that way?

Here is a list of tips to help you stay motivated on the daily:

  • Place visual reminders in your work space, on your phone, and other places you commonly see every day
  • Download a daily motivation app that gives you daily doses of motivation in quotes, phrases, or other encouraging ways
  • Listen to motivational podcasts
  • Listen to podcasts of successful people in your industry as they share their journey
  • Read books that encourage you and remind you just how far you can go (I recommend The Magic of Thinking Big)
  • Form a circle of friends that encourage you and believe in you
  • Keep a journal or list of milestones in your entrepreneurship journey, successes and achievements so you can go back and motivate yourself later
  • Look at and revisit your goals often
  • Do your part to fight off lethargy with diet, movement, and plenty of water
  • Establish a theme song that gets you totally pumped and ready to take on anything. Don’t be afraid to play it on repeat!

Remember to take care of the Entrepreneur!

That means you! You are the most crucial part of the business. Remember to take care of yourself in every state. Look after your physical, mental and emotional well-being.

It’s important for successful progress.

Your choice of food, amount of movement throughout the day, amount of quality sleep, and your emotional care are all a big deal when it comes to taking care of the boss.

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