Blogging Courses To Make Money In 2 Ways

3 Blogging Courses to Make Money 2 Different Ways

Hey there, blogger! Are you ready to make extra money with your blog? These blogging courses are an amazing way to make money, and pretty quickly, too!

Are you building up extra cash to invest back into your blog’s growth? Maybe trying to earn more to pay off debt?

Or, are you just trying to increase your blog’s income to turn your blog into your fulltime job?

This new opportunity I’m about to share is piping hot right now for affiliate marketers and is a great way to monetize your blog.

What’s so amazing about blogging is that once you tap in to how to truly monetize, you can work that strategy to boost your income. There are also so many different ways to earn money blogging, so the possibilities are endless.

If you’re not sure what “monetizing your blog” or “affiliate marketing” is, I’ll explain it for you so you can get started!

Earning SAHM

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Monetizing Your Blog

“Monetizing your blog” simply means making money from your blog.

A few simple and straightforward ways to monetize are:

  • Earning revenue by placing ads on your blog
  • Becoming an affiliate and sharing links that brings you commission either per click or per sale
  • Selling your own products directly

A lot of ad companies have traffic requirements, so it takes time to build up to that, which means it’s a lot harder to earn that way as a new blogger.

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to earn because a lot of companies have very low traffic requirements, if any. That’s awesome for new bloggers, since they’re still working to increase traffic.

Affiliate marketing is also low-pressure and easy to increase blogging income since it doesn’t require you to have your own products to sell.

Blogging courses are an awesome way to make money as a blogger. Not only can the course itself help you, but as an affiliate, you’re offering something of high value to other bloggers and creators.

So it’s a win-win for everybody!

Side Note: Don’t ever stop working to increase your blog traffic. You need traffic for pretty much everything. Just because an affiliate program doesn’t have a traffic requirement, the pressure is not off! Keep working at it.

Let’s look at a very specific method of earning (potentially very quickly) by using these blogging courses to make money.

3 Blogging Courses To Make Money On Your Blog

Blogging Courses to Make Money 1: Viral Pinterest Pins Course

Blogging Courses To Make Money In 2 Ways

This is a particular course that literally walks you through the steps to create a viral Pinterest pin.

One of the fastest ways to explode your blog traffic and increase your blog’s earnings is by having a pin (or two or three) go viral on Pinterest. Viral pins have the potential to consistently bring you a lot of traffic for a very long time.

Pin design is the very first step to going viral.

I went viral on Pinterest using these strategies.

Viral Pinterest Pin Stats

This 30-minute video course lays out every single step in detail, and you get to watch a beautiful pin template appear before your eyes.

But it’s not just about that template, either. Every step has specific tips and tools to help your pins stand out, look beautiful, and work for your brand, too.

It also comes with 2 other template tutorials and a 2-tiered color/font combo guide.

“I took the “The Easiest Way to Design A Viral Pinterest Pin”
course and found it SO helpful! It make me realise straight away where
my pin designs have been lacking and received only a few clicks. After
putting Elizabeth’s tips into practise I designed two pins which
both received engagement in less than 24 hours.”

Kristin B.

But there’s more! Not only does the course itself help you learn to create viral pins, but you are also given the opportunity to become an affiliate.

The affiliate program is a whopping 35% commission, which is rare to find.

This video course is $37.

Try this course for only $7.00!

Boost your blog’s sales by becoming an affiliate partner.

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3 Ways to Quickly make $1000 as a blogger through blogging courses

Blogging Courses to Make Money 2: Blog Content Writing Course

Blogging Courses To Make Money In 2 Ways

This course is a complete workshop with a workbook to help bloggers write powerful content for more sign-ups and sells.

Whether you sell your own products or have affiliate links, this blogging course helps you create posts that get your readers to click.

We all know writing blog posts can get super frustrating and overwhelming. Add to that the pressure to create content that makes people click, sign up or buy, and it’s no longer fun.

That’s why this course helps bloggers create strong content that works for them.

By implementing the strategies and methods taught in this course, you’ll see a drastic change in your blog’s overall performance as well as more engagement–which means opportunity!

That all translates to income!

“The Blog Writer’s Workshop Express has helped me tremendously! I have struggled with writing blog content that will stand out among the millions of blogs that exist. This workshop helped me learn how to create compelling content that people will want to read. Thanks so much!”

K. Viane

You can also become an affiliate.

This course is $77, which means affiliates earn just under $27 per sale–which adds up quickly!

Try the course for only $17!

Break it down for a minute. 10 sales a week adds up to an over $1070 a month paycheck!

Blogging Courses to Make Money 3: Blog Branding and Marketing Course

Blogging Courses To Make Money In 2 Ways

This course is also part of Fearless Bloggers. It’s the creme de la creme of the Fearless Bloggers courses, showing bloggers how to expand their reach and online presence through branding and marketing.

It breaks it all down and makes it easy to understand, as well as sharing basic and easy to follow tips that will get your blog noticed, ranked, and remembered.

The Blogging Break is $127 and comes with a workbook for its students.

I enjoyed this course so much! Even though I been blogging for many years, I still learned so much! The course itself provided value and no fluff, I enjoyed all the tips provided and it really helped me reflect on my blogging business. If you’re looking for real actionable steps you can use today to grow your blog the Blogging Break course will help you!”

K. Viane

Try this course for just $27!

Become an Affiliate

Affiliates still earn 35% commission from this course, which is a whopping $44.45 per sale!

Blogging Courses To Make Money

Not only are these blogging courses full of teaching and impact to help you turn your blog into a source of great income, they are also amazing opportunities to earn cash through the affiliate program.

That means you’re being given the chance to earn more in 2 different ways on your blog.

Knowledge is power. You’ll be able to apply that knowledge, and then you’ll also be able to recommend it and earn for it.

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