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Do you write your own blog posts? Then this one is for you! These blog post writing tips are super simple but make a huge difference in your content.

Do you need more clicks and conversions?

Let’s talk about what you can do when writing blog posts to get those clicks.

Blog Post Writing Tips

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Why These Blog Post Writing Tips Make ALL the Difference

I’m sharing these blog post writing tips because you need to know how important it is that your content is amazing.

You content is the life of your blog–and it’s success. People should love what you write for a few reasons:

  • Your content really helped them out, so they now trust you and want more of you
  • They want more, so they subscribe to your email list
  • They subscribed, they still love your content, now they buy or opt in

Blog Post Writing Tips: Solve A Problem (and do it AMAZINGLY)

First of all, you need to think about the actual blog post itself.

What problem are you solving for your readers? If you can’t answer that clearly, do not publish your post–it’s not ready!

You need to be able to clearly explain how your post solves a very specific problem the best way. Sure, you might have an answer… but do you have the best answer?

Research what your readers truly want from you, then provide as much information as you can.

Your blog post needs to be longer than 1000 words in all honesty, both for good SEO and to provide enough information to your reader.

Take time to answer all the questions your reader might have on a certain topic.

You want them to stay on your blog because they like what they’re reading. You don’t want them going somewhere else to find additional info–provide it all for them!r

Satisfying and Thorough Content

In order to truly have a successful blog, your content needs to be nothing short of amazing.

It should provide an awesome and helpful answer to your readers, give clarity and be interesting to read, too!

I’m going to share some blog post writing tips that you can start doing right now that will transform your blog immediately.

Use Strong, Honest, and Promising Verbiage that Gives Immediate Value

If you’re trying to sell someone your e-course, you can say something like:

“This is a really great course to help you out.”

Meh. That’s not really saying anything at all.

Try swapping it out for something like this:

“This course will teach you three simple ways to transform your personal life TODAY!”

Instead of a blanket generalization, you’re now offering your reader/customer a strong solution.

You’re also doing it in a positive and confident way, and you’re giving your reader more information.

All of this builds optimism and trust.

Throw Out Weak Content

If most of your content is made up of words like: is, good, should, very, etc., you’re not optimizing your content.

Here’s an example:

“You should take this course. This course is what you need to become a very good runner.”

This is offering a solution, and it does give direction, but can you say weak?

This statement uses every possible weak verb! Making a few simple swaps will totally change that sentence.


This course contains absolutely everything you need to become a phenomenal runner!

By removing those blah verbs and replacing them with powerful, emotional words, this sentence transformed from mediocre to provoking and converting… in seconds.

Blog Post Writing Tips

Develop Your Style

Here’s where it goes to another level.

You need to write thorough content that fully delivers on your promise in your own unique way.

No matter how unique you’re trying to be, there is someone out there who is producing content similar to yours.

That’s why your content must do more than just provide information.

Your content must be the bridge that connects your reader to you.

While getting the info they’re looking for, readers should feel like they’ve made a new friend in you.

This happens when your writing is relatable, when it’s engaging, and when it’s emotional.

If you feel insecure about your writing style or your content, you are undermining all of your hard work.

Have you ever had a conversation with someone who seems totally uncomfortable?

They have a hard time meeting your gaze, they shuffle nervously, and maybe even speak super softly and nervously. It’s hard to grasp what they’re even saying.

It makes you want to end the conversation and walk away, right? It’s just not a comfortable situation at all.

Your writing style and voice can create the very same feeling to a reader!

It can bore them to tears, make them feel confused, and a bunch of other awful sensations.

Which means they’re going to bounce.


That’s why you absolutely must know your identity and style as a writer, and then continue to grow.

You need to be confident in your ability to write and create, but you also need to be confident in your writing voice.

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