5 Side Hustles to Earn Cash Quickly

5 Side Hustles to Earn Cash Quickly

There are countless methods out there to generate income. Not all of them yield instant results. Here are 5 side hustles to earn cash quickly.

1. Instacart

Instacart is a somewhat new and still expanding company where shoppers can order their groceries from a selection of stores and have them delivered to their doorstep, usually the same day. Customers download the app and select the grocery market of their choice, choosing their groceries and purchasing right then.

Instacart shoppers are the “runners”, so-to-speak. They collect the groceries and deliver them to the customer. According to their site, Instacart shoppers can choose their own hours and are paid weekly.

There two options at Instacart.

You can be a full-service shopper and use your vehicle (required) to do both the shopping and the delivering. The other option is to be an in-store shopper where you hand-pick the grocery items and bag them, readying them for pick-up.

As a full-service shopper (shopping and delivery), you are an independent contractor. As an in-store shopper, you are a part-time employee.

2. Amazon Flex

Amazon Flex is similar to Instacart where drivers pick up items at an Amazon warehouse and deliver them to customers. They are independent contractors, can schedule their own hours, and as the site claims, earn $18-$25 an hour.

With Amazon Flex, you select an available block of time via the app on your phone. You must then deliver packages during that scheduled time. They do provide the ability to reschedule or cancel your block if it’s done according to their guidelines (within a certain time, etc).

Applying, scheduling, and schedule maintenance is all done through the Amazon Flex mobile app.

3. Uber

While it’s so annoying to see this suggested on every site about making money from home, it’s listed because it’s true. If you have a decent car, that’s pretty much all it takes.

Uber is widely known and used, recognizable to just about everyone. It’s popularity is far reaching and Uber has expanded their services. This makes it an established company to join for some side cash.

There are multiple programs to choose from, including Uber Eats (delivering food). Uber also makes the promise about keeping your own schedule, and it goes without saying that people need transportation pretty much 24-7 making this one of the most reliable of 5 side hustles to earn cash quickly.

4. Rover

Who knew? But honestly, Rover is a site where pet devotees can have their dogs walked and watched over.

Rover claims safety and integrity of their walkers based on background checks, building a trusted relationship between consumers and workers. Their claim is that you can earn upwards of $1000 a month, though other sites have reviewed workers who made around three times that much based on their schedule. Rover walkers are considered independent contractors as well, with all the freedoms that go with it.

If you love dogs and enjoy setting your own schedule, Rover is worth looking into.

5. Door Dash

Want another option to schedule your hours and make deliveries on your own time? Door Dash is another option. Dashers register with the company, download the app, and start delivering orders. It’s pretty much that simple.

If you drive an “other-than-average” vehicle, like a moped or motorcycle, you’re able to use that vehicle for deliveries, cutting down your fuel costs.


While it may not be recommended for all types of delivery services, some companies may also allow you to bring the littles along, effectively eliminating childcare costs. That’s a question worth asking when you apply.

Some helpful things to find out before applying:

  • Is there a minimum number of hours required to work?
  • What is required?
  • Since I’m using my own vehicle, is there auto insurance provided?
  • Is payment strictly off of sales, or are there other bonuses and/or base pays?

Thanks to smart phones and apps, we now have options to make some extra earnings on our own time, allowing us to decide where our priorities are and how we’ll arrange them.

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